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Featured below you will find some of the sites we have created. Since sites are subject to change we have created snapshots that allow you to browse these sites in the state they were in when completed. You also have the ability to browse and view back end features that would normally not be visible to public visitors. Each site has been modified slightly in text and titles to allow you to focus on the various elements of design rather than the specifics of a particular client's site.

We take great pride in building a site tailored for a clients desires and we look forward to working with you to create the site that you want.

Tutor Web Calender Application:

Screenshot of Tutor Web App

This was a web application that was developed for Pearson Custom that was subcontracted out to us through Serafini Studios. A calendar application was needed that would allow students to reserve blocks of times with tutors.
Major Features Included:

  • Calendar Views
  • No dependence on Scripting Technology

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Gallery Example:

Screenshot of Portfolio Cakes Splash Page

This was a lightweight site focusing on a gallery of wedding cakes for a New England Bakery.
Major Features Included:

  • A Flexible and Expandable Gallery
  • Image Upload and Thumbnail Creation
  • Gallery Priority Ordering / Reordering

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Gaming Community Example:

Screenshot of Gaming Community Main Page

This was gaming community site focusing on message boards and 3rd party web applications.
Major Features Included:

  • PHPBB Style Creation and Integration.
  • Player Stats and Server Queries
  • Gallery
  • Calendar of Events
  • World Map

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Generic To-Do List Example:

Screenshot of Generic To-Do List

This was generic to-do list for keeping track of tasks among users. Users could view, add, delete or update tasks.
Major Features Included:

  • Valid Input Checking and Previews
  • URL Rewriting
  • 1 Page to create the appearance of many pages

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Photo Album Example:

Screenshot of Generic To-Do List

This was a personal photo album site designed to be easy to use and maintain. Images could be rotated and resized by using an admin backend or automatically when adding new images. Thumbnails are generated for previewing images and to assist with navigation through albums.
Major Features Included:

  • Image Resizing and Rotating
  • Thumbnail Generation and Navigation
  • Album Organization by Directory

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Blog Modifications:

Screenshot of Blog Modifications Example

This was a project involving multiple custom modifications to blogging software concentrating on making the overall site more user friendly and more emphasis towards groups and communities.
Major Features Included:

  • Various Stats for Profiles
  • Grouping by Statistics
  • Pagination on different views
  • Adding a "Supporters" section to profiles
  • Image upload
  • Adding icons to posts and comments

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Dynamic Plots:

Screenshot of Dynamic Plots Example

This was a project for a site that needed plots of business metrics generated on the fly using database information and then displayed in the page.
Major Features Included:

  • Various Plot Types and Customization Options

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