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Style Portfolio:

Featured below you will find information on each of the different styles you can view of our site. Our content is in .html files while all style information is stored in a CSS style sheet. By separating content from style we have the flexibility to create vastly different styles without modifying any of the content. We can change the positioning of layouts, fonts, colors, and images all in one place without affecting any of the other styles.

You can view any of the styles in action, or even the raw html with no style, by using the links at the top right corner of the page or by clicking on the links for each style below.


Screenshot of Cityscape style

This was a brown style theme using a filtered photograph (taken by one of our developers. You can view the original here ) of part of the Boston skyline. It is a two column layout where main page content is on the left and menus and supplemental content is on the right. Subtle effects such as minor drop shadows, glows, and subtle backgrounds were used to give the site a slightly 3D feel and add elegance.
Style Details:

Name: Cityscape
Created: 2/23/2007
Development Time: 3 days
Total Size: 69 kb (Images)

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MMMM Brains!:

Screenshot of 'MMMM Brains!' Style

This was a fun zombie style we created, 'cause who doesn't love zombies! Most of the images are filtered and or edited images from the comic book series "The Walking Dead" (Wikipedia Information) by Robert Kirkman and published by Image Comics which we are big fans of. It started as a simple black and white theme with a heavy dependence on images for borders and backgrounds to give the site a dirty, post-apocalyptic feel. Images were filtered (or colorized using Photoshop which can be quite tedious) and softened to blend in with the page and accentuate the style, not distract the viewer. It was a simple 1 column layout with lots of spacing to separate the images.
Style Details:

Name: MMMM Brains!
Created: 2/25/2007
Development time: 2 days
Total Size: 162 kb (Images)

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Screenshot of Expresso Style

This was a quick and easy two column style with a twist in that the right column starts at the top of the page rather than after the image. The style consists of one logo image and two border images, the rest of the look and feel is done using text and colors, especially the drop cap in each paragraph. Therefore it is a fast and low bandwidth style that looks nice and has a warm cozy feel.
Style Details:

Name: Expresso
Created: 2/26/2007
Development time: 1 day
Total Size: 38 kb (Images)

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Screenshot of Soviet Style

This was a large width two column style with the menu positioned on the top left side. We were going for an old school communism/cold war theme using red and orange colors and a lot of icons. In the top image the soldier is actually a filtered picture (taken by one of our developers) from Statue Park which is located just outside Budapest, Hungary.
Style Details:

Name: Soviet
Created: 3/02/2007
Development time: 4 days
Total Size: 163 kb (Images)

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The Agency:

Screenshot of Agency Style

This was a compact width two column style that was a white on black theme with the menu positioned on the top right side. It was meant to be a compact theme with a sleek and secret agent type feel. This is the first style we did that used animated gifs for effects. And because of it's compact design it took a few IE box model hacks to make it play nice in IE 6, 5.5, and 5.0.
Style Details:

Name: The Agency
Created: 3/05/2007
Development time: 4 days
Total Size: 62 kb (Images)

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Screenshot of Rounded Style

This was a colorful two column style using a white on black theme with red accents. The navigation menu is positioned on the top left side. It was meant to be an eye candy type theme which relied heavily on background images and tiling effects.
Style Details:

Name: Rounded
Created: 4/25/2007
Development time: 2 days
Total Size: 112 kb (Images)

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Screenshot of Sections Style

This was a simple 2 column layout with a blue theme. Content and menus were placed in a rounded rectangle style of layout for a divided into sections look and feel for the site.
Style Details:

Name: Sections
Created: 5/24/2007
Development time: 2 days
Total Size: 36 kb (Images)

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